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Fingerprint identification solution

Fingerprint is a real breakthrough in identifying genuine manufactured objects from fake ones, without any additional marking, based on digital images of the original product stored in a secure server.


Protect manufactured items:


Fingerprint is based on a stored image which registers unique, microscopic differences generated by the manufacturing process and the raw material used.

Digital imaging software identifies these unique characteristics of the image due to intrinsic differences even though objects are produced in series.

Fingerprint is a Read Only solution which simply relies on the object "as is". It therefore cannot be counterfeited.

Typical applications are authenticating genuine mechanical parts of watches, automotive spare parts, medical devices and genuine spare parts of all kinds. Bottles, cans, flasks or other conditioning with metallic or plastic parts are also concerned.


Normal light, consumer electronics:

Some processes require coherent light (Laser), special light (UV, or specific wavelength) to scan and identify microscopic differences on various materials. AlpVision technology needs only normal light and standard equipment such as an off-the-shelf flatbed scanner, digital camera or a camera phone. The key element is the AlpVision sophisticated digital imaging software that performs authentication, either locally or remotely.

To authenticate a genuine object it is sufficient to compare an image captured in the field with the reference data stored in the server. This is done in a few seconds with the verdict: "fake" or "genuine".

Protect moulded or stamped parts:


For mass produced objects using a mould or using stamping techniques, the same unique “signature” will be present on all the objects produced with the same mould or using the same stamping tool. Here one reference image is sufficient to authenticate the entire series.

Therefore if a few moulds or stamps are used, only a few reference images are necessary. Toys, game chips, automotive parts, aerospace parts, electromechanical parts, Integrated Circuits (ICs) and medicinal tablets are typical Fingerprint applications.


Identify and Authenticate Leather objects:

Luxury leather goods are exposed to massive counterfeiting worldwide. If there are consumers who buy fake luxury goods intentionally, there are many others who believe they are buying genuine objects in good faith and who ultimately will enjoy the fake product paid for at around the price of a genuine one. The AlpVision Fingerprint individual authentication process applies in this case.

Authentication is completed remotely via standard image capture devices connected to Internet or Mobile networks, avoiding the time delay and the cost of sending a suspicious object back to the brand owner for examination by experts.

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Contact AlpVision if you need to know more or how the Fingerprint solution can be applied to your Brand Protection and Gray Market Detection of your products.

Fingerprint is part of the AlpVision digital imaging security solutions.

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